Contracts, Start-Ups, Mergers, Compliance

Our legal services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your industry so you can focus on growing business. We understand the external rules imposed on businesses and help our clients develop policies and mechanisms of internal controls to ensure adherence to these rules.

WRO provides legal guidance during the start-up phase of your business, as well as on-going legal support, including to ensure compliance with federal, state, and county laws and regulations. WRO also provides contract negotiation and preparation, as well as dispute resolution. Finally, we will guidance you through the process of dissolving, merging, or selling your business. 

WRO handles all essential agreements for your business, including operating agreements, purchase and sale agreements, employment contracts, employee handbooks, distribution agreements, settlements, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), and more.


Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets

Our Intellectual property (IP) practice focuses on protecting and defending your trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets enabling you to earn recognition and all the financial benefit from your brand and what you have created. 

Our experienced attorney will ensure that your your literary and artistic works; designs; and the symbols, names and images that you use in commerce are protected from all forms of infringement and unauthorized use.


Music, Film, Visual Arts

WRO works with recording companies, music publishers, musicians, writers to provide all the legal guidance necessary to navigate through the process of turning their love for music into a career in music.

With a background in visual arts, WRO provides top level legal guidance to film/video makers and talent so you can worry about creating your masterpiece and not paperwork.

WRO also works with architects, graphic designers, photographers, print makers, painters, and designers to protect and make a profit for their work.


Software Contracts, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

WRO Law's technology law practice is focused on keeping up with the rapidly evolving technology sector and providing relevant and specific legal guidance and services to keep our clients ahead of the curve and ensure our clients have the ability to take advantage of the many opportunities in the technology sector while minimizing risk.

Along with drafting and negotiating cloud computing agreements, software purchase & license agreements, IT support agreements, terms of use, privacy policies, and professional service agreements including website and application creation services, we also provide guidance regarding compliance and the usage of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for businesses and individuals.


Commercial Real Estate, Investment Properties

WRO Law's real estate law practice is focused on investors, business owners, and real estate professionals. 


We provide guidance regarding the buying and selling real estate and mobile homes, land use, zoning, commercial landlord/tenant disputes, and issues regarding holding title. We prepare the necessary real estate contracts, including purchase and sale contracts; development agreements; easement agreements and subordinate rights; leases and lease option contracts; powers of attorneys; joint venture agreements; deeds; releases; and acquisition and development contracts.

We also provide legal guidance for those who need require more complex advice including multilayered entities, distressed properties, construction services contracts, homebuilding licensing and regulations, IRA loans, and land use and zoning concerns.

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