Intellectual Property & Technology

Our intellectual property law practice​ includes the protection and enforcement of:




Trademark Registration

Once you’ve created an unforgettable brand, we will want to protect it. Your trademark will identify your goods and services, distinguish your goods and services from those of others, and provide you with the right to prevent others from adopting similar marks likely to cause confusion in the marketplace.  


Before registering your trademark, we conduct a thorough trademark search to be fully aware of any other uses of the trademark that would likely cause confusion. We also provide an analysis of the strength of your mark to ensure it meets the USPTO’s distinctiveness standard. After we’ve fully evaluated your trademark, we present you with our opinion and outline your options.  We then register your mark with the USPTO and respond to any communications from the office to ensure your application is properly handled throughout. 

Trademark Monitoring

It is important to practively search for confusingly simular marks to your own to stop their use immediately to protect your brand. We regularly monitor filed trademark applications and others uses of your mark for a flat yearly fee.


If we identify any competing marks, we will alert you to any competing use, send a cease and desist letter to the infringer, and notify the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office about the unauthorized registration our your mark with their office. Subsequent or additional services shall be billed at our hourly rate.

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A copyright is the exclusive legal right given to the owner, commonly the creator, of unique literary, artistic, or musical material to produce, reproduce, perform, record, display, broadcast, and/or make derivative works of any such material, and/or to authorize or assign any third parties the right to do the same. 

In general, copyright registration is voluntary and provides important benefits, such as proof of ownership and eligibility to file suit. Copyright protection is given to a broad range of works; we evaluate all of our client’s intellectual property and provide suggestions on works that would be strong candidates for copyright protection. We work with film producers, musicians, producers, architects, authors, writers, painters, and illustrators to protect and exploit their works.



Technological advancements have been the catalyst for significant improvements in the way we share information and connect with each other. We work with entrepreneurs, software companies, software developers, creatives,  and other technology-based companies professionals.


Our services include legal counsel during the start-up and capital raising stage of your new venture, the preparation, and review of technology-based agreements, including software purchase & sale agreements, licensing agreements, and IPO documentation.  We will also protect and defend your work against infringers, provide legal guidance on compliance with the use of digital assets, including NFTs and Cryptocurrency.

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Trade Secrets


The protection of confidential corporate information can be essential to your company’s capacity to develop products, provide services, and gain economic advantages. A trade secret is potentially any secret formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique, process, or other information that is subject to reasonable secrecy efforts and gives the owner an economic advantage over competitors. As the owner of a trade secret, your business has the sole right to use or disclose the secret, and you may bring a claim for trade secret misappropriation if a third party uses or discloses the secret without authorization. 


We go review the information that your company would like to keep confidential, your processes used to maintain confidentiality, and determine the degree to which it will be protected by trade secret laws.