Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property law practice​ includes the protection and enforcement of:



Trade Secrets

IP Transactions




Once you’ve created an unforgettable brand, we will help you protect it with trademark protection. Your trademark will identify your goods and services, distinguish your goods and services from those of others, and provide you with the right to prevent others from adopting similar marks likely to cause confusion in the marketplace.  


Before registering your trademark, we conduct a thorough trademark search so you will be fully aware of any other uses of the trademark that would likely cause confusion. We also provide an analysis on the strength of your mark to ensure it meets the USPTO’s distinctiveness standard. After we’ve fully evaluated your trademark, we present you with our opinion and outline your options.


Once we reach solutions that work for you, we file with the USPTO and respond to any communications from the office to ensure your application is properly handled throughout. 

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A copyright is the exclusive legal right given to the owner, commonly the creator, of unique literary, artistic, or musical material to: produce, reproduce, perform, record, display, broadcast, and/or make derivative works of any such material, and/or to authorize or assign any third parties the right to do the same. 

In general, copyright registration is voluntary and provides important benefits, such as proof of ownership and eligibility to file suit. Copyright protection is given to a broad range of works; we evaluate all of our client’s intellectual property and provide suggestions on works that would be strong candidates for copyright protection. 

We work with the following creatives and visionaries to advance their business and their careers with clear legal guidance:

  • Software developers to protect and exploit their computer code.

  • Film producers to protect and exploit their motion pictures.

  • Musicians, Producers, and music professionals to protect and exploit their musical works and sound recordings.

  • Architects to protect and exploit their blue prints.

  • Authors and writers to protect and exploit their books and other literary works.

  • Painters, illustrators, drawers to protect and exploit their work.

  • Play writes to protect and exploit their plays and other dramatic works.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Our office is prepared to help you navigate through the DMCA requirements to help take advantage of its anti-circumvention and anti-trafficking provisions, and its prohibition on the use of false copyright management information (CMI) and the removal or alteration of CMI without authorization. The DCMA sets forth a complex notice-and-takedown scheme, among other things.

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Trade Secrets


The protection of confidential corporate information can be essential to your company’s capacity to develop products, provide services, and gain economic advantages. The owner of a trade secret has the sole right to use or disclose the secret (and may bring a claim for trade secret misappropriation if a third party uses or discloses the secret without authorization).

A trade secret is potentially any secret formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique, process, or other information that is subject to reasonable secrecy efforts and gives the owner an economic advantage over competitors.

At WRO we go over the information that our clients would like to keep confidential and review the processes they are using to maintain its confidentiality to determine the degree to which it will be protected by trade secret laws.

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Intellectual Property Transactions

Intellectual property transactions involve the transfer of ownership by means of an assignment agreement, or through a licensing agreements the use of the work. Various forms of intellectual property may be assigned or licensed, including trademarks (registered and unregistered), copyrights (registered and unregistered), trade secrets, and domain names.

Our team assists with preparing and negotiating sound assignment and licensing agreement agreements and privacy policies to safeguard you from undue liability; securing your company's intellectual property; and negotiating strong agreements pertaining to film, music, art, and software.

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