Starting and growing a successful technology firm isn’t reserved for silicon-valley.

At WRO, our team stays current on the relevant federal and state laws as well as court decisions that pertain to technology, in order to help technology companies of all sizes and stages of development grow their businesses and protect their assists. Our team can assist you while securing funding to grow your company; drafting sound user agreements and privacy policies to safeguard you from undue liability; securing your companies intellectual property; and negotiating strong software licensing arrangements. 

Our team is diligent in keeping pace with this fast-moving industry, from cases regarding e-commerce to cutting edge developments in the regulation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.  Whether you’re an app developer, a contractor, or an ambitious entrepreneur seeking guidance on technology related legal issues, our team is equipped to help you seize the industry’s budding opportunities and navigate its challenges. 

Start Up 


At WRO, our goal is to ensure your business is started properly and completely. Once finished, your business will have all the information and documentation needed to run your business safely and effectively. 

We offer legal guidance when choosing the entity type that best fit your needs, filing your company's formation documents, obtaining your company's employer identification number, preparing your company’s first operating agreement, and giving your a complete overview of the permits and licenses necessary and help you to obtain them. 

Starting a technology company is unique because it not only involves preparing and filing your formation documents with the appropriate state and federal offices, there is an increased focus on protecting the company's proprietary information through a combination of contract, copyright, trademark, and trade secret techniques. It is incredibly important that your have legal counsel to protect your business' assets and protect your business’ brand.


See Intellectual Property for more information.

Raising Capital

Raising capital for your technology project is the primary way that entrepreneurs get funding for their endeavor. There are many options available to entrepreneurs today, from traditional loans to crowdfunding. Our team at WRO Law and Strategy helps you understand the full scope of fundraising options available to you, directing you to the loans, grants and credit instruments that work best for your business. Additionally, we are in your corner to offer counsel when you’re negotiating with investors, helping you to review contracts and financing arrangements. 

Intellectual Property  



Copyright protection is used to protect “original works of authorship,” which includes the computer code created by developers. Our firm ensures that our client's proprietary information is protected under federal and state laws and best business practices.

Software Licensing Agreements

Software licensing agreements are critical in delineating how your product is used, your exposure to liability, and how you get paid. Our firm is adept at drafting and reviewing these agreements to fit your needs. We can draft everything from boilerplate agreements for your own modification, to detailed case specific contracts for any arrangement you may present to us. 


Once you’ve created an unforgettable brand, we will help you protect it with trademark protection. Your trademark will identify your goods and services, distinguish your goods and services from those of others, and provide you with the right to prevent others from adopting similar marks likely to cause confusion in the marketplace. 

At WRO, before registering your trademark, we conduct a thorough trademark search so you will be fully aware of any other uses of the trademark that would likely cause confusion. We also provide an analysis on the strength of your mark to ensure it meets the USPTO’s distinctiveness standard. After we’ve fully evaluated your trademark, we present you with our opinion and outline your options. Once we reach solutions that work for you, we file with the USPTO and respond to any communications from the office to ensure your application is properly handled throughout.

Trade secrets and confidential information

The protection of confidential corporate information is essential to your company’s capacity to develop products, provide services, and gain economic advantages. Trade secrets and confidential information both are types of information that are kept secret and are valuable in part because they are not known by others. The key distinction between trade secrets and other sorts of confidential information is that trade secrets enjoy greater legal protections. Trade secrets go beyond patents, they can be used to protect any information or data, including processes, secret formulas, customer lists and company plans and strategies. 

Unlike Trademarks and Copyrights, trade secrets are not protected by the USPTO or Copyright Office, instead they are protected by the manner that they information is stored. At WRO we go over the information that our clients would like to keep confidential and review the processes they are using to maintain its confidentiality to determine the degree to which it will be protected by trade secret laws—we also offer counsel on how clients can improve the protectability of their information. 


Contracts and Agreements 


When reviewing, drafting, and negotiating contracts and agreements for your business, an experienced attorney is your best friend. At WRO Law and Strategy we can assist with a wide range of contracts and agreements. For our clients in the technology industry, we’ve taken special care to develop proficiency in drafting and reviewing: 


  • Cloud Computing Agreements

  • Licensing Agreements

  • Warranties

  • User/Privacy Agreements


Whatever your needs, our team is ready to assist you in forming arrangements that protect you, your business, and facilitate your long-term goals.  

In order to conduct business, you will need to ensure that you are complying with the all the federal, state, and local laws that pertain to the goods and services you’re offering. 


Cryptocurrency Compliance

At WRO Law and Strategy we keep up with the latest industry trends. We have taken time to research the web of regulatory and case law that controls the issuance, trade and exchange of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Ethereum and Dogecoin. We are equipped to help forward-thinking investors and entrepreneurs navigate this new space and make the most o what it has to offer. 

Compliance & Tax  

As part of our general business packages, we provide our clients with a complete overview of all the regulations that their businesses will need to comply with, including licenses, permits and their associated fees and renewal dates. Additionally, we will provide you with a clear understanding of your business’ tax responsibilities and opportunities; we will also work with your financial advisor to ensure that your tax arrangements fit with you and your business’ goals. 

On request we can also assist clients in completing necessary tasks, like registering with the relevant tax authorities, obtaining a certificate of occupancy to run a retail store or a liquor license for your bar.


Dispute Resolution 

Disputes, whether they be from clients, partners or competitors can be frightening and leave you feeling uncertain about the future of your business. When other parties don’t hold to their obligations, or when you’re facing legal action, it is important to have competent and creative attorneys working with you to protect your interests, your finances, and your vision from undue encroachment or injury. Our team at WRO Law and Strategy are adept at advocating for our clients in multiple forums, whether that be through formal litigation in the courtroom, or through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. We can help you through negotiation, mediation and arbitration, as well as draft important dispute resolution documents including:

  • Cease and desist letters  

  • Demand letters 

  • Settlement agreements 


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