Technological advancements have been the catalyst for significant improvements in the way we share information and connect with each other.


Our firms works with entrepreneurs, software companies, software developers, creatives,  and other technology based companies professionals.

We provide:

  • Advice, preparation, and negotiation of software purchase & sale agreements, licensing agreements, and other business and technology based agreements.

  • Advice, protection and defense the your intellectual property, i.e., your company's work product and its brand.

  • Legal guidance to entrepreneurs during the start-up and capital raising for new business ventures.

  • Legal guidance with merger and acquisition agreements.

  • Legal guidance and representation in legal disputes. 

  • Legal guidance regarding cybersecurity liability and data storage.

  • Legal guidance on compliance with the use of digital assets, including NFTs and Cryptocurrency. 

  • Legal assistance for during the preparation and filing of IPO documentation.

  • Business tax guidance.

  • Employment guidance.