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Starting a business is both liberating and daunting. At WRO Law, we understand the challenges that you are facing and we are prepared to help you through each step.

Registering with the State

We provide clear and honest legal guidance on choosing and reserving your company's name with your state of formation, and through federal trademark protection. After choosing the business name, we will prepare and file your companies primary organizational documents with your Secretary of State(s).


Read more about our federal trademark protection services here.

Internal Organizational Agreements

After forming you company we will prepare your company's internal organizational agreement, i.e., your company's operating agreement, by-laws, joint venture, or partnership agreement.

These documents are impetrative to operating your business the right way.  Your company's internal organizational agreement should address the way business and its affairs are managed, the allocation of profits, losses, and distributions among the owners and different classes of ownership, among other important aspects to running your business. Entities that do not have these internal operational agreement will default to the provisions of the jurisdiction that they are operating, which can lead to unexpected results while trying to grow your business.

Employment Matters

If your business is going to be hiring employees, there are several concerns that you will need to address.  At WRO Law, we will ease these concerns by preparing strong employment agreements, and helping your business comply with federal and state tax regulations. 



In order to do business in the the U.S. you have to ensure that you are in compliance with all of the laws and regulation pertaining to your business.


We will provide clear guidance on what laws and rules control your business activities, and assist you becoming compliant.


We help with:

  • Obtaining relevant permits and licenses

  • Legal guidance regarding your businesses tax requirements

  • Forming your non-profit and benefit corporations

Permits & Licenses


When running your business, you may need to obtain one or more federal, state, and/or local occupation-specific permits, licenses, zoning clearances, or other authorizations to operate your business or perform your services.

Federal licenses are required for the sale of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms, as well as business operations that include broadcasting, investment advising, drug manufacturing, meat production, and ground transportation.


State licensing in usually needed for professions like auto mechanics, plumbers, electricians, building contractors, collection agents, insurance agents, real-estate brokers and workers providing services to the human body (barbers, cosmetologists, doctors, nurses, funeral directors, and so on). 

We will help to ensure that you have obtained all of the relevant permits and licenses to do business in your area. Failing to comply with the licensing and permit requirements for the type of business you plan to start in your jurisdiction can result in additional fees, penalty payments or operational restrictions until conditions specified by the regulating authority have been met.

Tax Guidance


We will help you and your business explaining your tax responsibilities and work with your tax professional to properly  apply the relevant tax laws relevant to your business.


We stay ahead of the tax regulations, formal rulings, and technical bulletins that apply to the business communities in Washington DC Metropolitan Area.


We provide tailored advise based on the personally liable of its owners, the necessary tax filings for corporation and partnerships, self-employment taxes, state taxes, franchise taxes, sales, and use taxes.


Non-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit corporations are businesses that are formed for a purposes other than profit-seeking. They enjoy exemption from various taxes depending on the specific type of organization and the specific tax, and once you a non-profit is I.R.C. § 501(c)(3) compliance, donations made to the company can generally be deducted from the donor’s income taxes. This provides a clear incentive for donors to give more to your cause. Although not-for-profit corporations have many advantages, they are subject to extensive corporate housekeeping requirements and additional scrutiny from federal and state agencies.


At WRO, we will provide legal guidance with drafting and filing of articles of incorporation, the preparation of bylaws and provide guidance on how to properly observe the corporate formalities and filing requirements. Once incorporated, we will help your company apply for federal tax-exempt status pursuant to I.R.C. § 501(c)(3) and for the relevant tax regulations in Washington DC or Maryland.  We also provide clear guidance on the dissolution and winding up protocol for your non-profit.


Starting, running, and dissolving a non-profit company can be time-consuming and involves fairly lengthy applications and paperwork that often require operational and financial information, so hiring a attorney early can save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Benefit Corporations

Benefit corporations (BCs) are a specific types of corporation that allow for public benefit to be a main purpose in addition to any corporate goal (such as maximizing profit for shareholders). If properly formed and operated, the BC can shield its shareholders from liability for most of the debts, liabilities, and obligations of the BC. At WRO, we will help you with the formation, operation, and termination of BCs in Maryland and/or Washington DC.



Mergers & Acquisitions


When it comes to M&A agreements, we help our clients navigate through the strategic and legal considerations of possible acquisition structures.

We will explain the key benefits and drawbacks of all three of the deal types, asset acquisitions, private stock acquisitions, and mergers.

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